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This is the first public build of my physics-based puzzle game, The ARMARDISP - The Articulated Mobile At-Range Demolition Integration Solutions Platform. 

The goal is simple - from a safe distance, launch projectiles at an increasingly unlikely series of constructions to bring them down. The fewer projectiles you need to do it and the more you bring down, the more stars you get. 

If you have any feedback, I'd really appreciate anything you have to say, either through the linked survey form, via direct message, or comment below.

Feedback survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CTFBBMX

Thanks, and I hope you have fun!


TheARMARDISPBuild050123.zip 60 MB

Install instructions

To play, simply download and unzip the early build, then click on 'The ARMARDISP' file.

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